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When the IRS or the Ohio Department of Revenue believes you owe them money, they do not care if you are not able to pay your other bills. Therefore, do not negotiate with the IRS alone. They are very skilled at obtaining the best deal for them, not you. You need a team of Ohio Federal and State tax experts on your side, which is where Tax Relief Systems comes in. We are your team! We can help make sure you receive the right deal for you and your unique situation.

Our Ohio team can show you what you need to support your case, assist in assembling the documentation, and defend you before the IRS.

In specific circumstances and conditions, the IRS may be willing to do much more than you expected, however, this may require you to apply for hardship status. Tax Relief Systems can walk you through each step of the process. It is important to remember, that as a US and Ohio citizen, you have legal rights. You Have Rights!

Contact Tax Relief System’s Ohio office and request a free consultation. You are not alone.

Tax Relief Systems staff has settled out thousands of cases

Services We Offer

Tax Relief Systems – Ohio Tax Experts

Tax Relief Systems is uniquely positioned to assist clients in many different situations with the Internal Revenue Service:

  • Back Taxes
  • Bank Levy
  • Innocent Spouse
  • Installment Agreement
  • IRS Audit
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Penalty Abatement
  • State & Federal Tax
  • Tax Lien
  • Tax Notice
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Wage Garnishment

If you are unfortunately dealing with many different situations with the state and the internal revenue service, please contact us and we will begin the process of protecting your rights and finding an optimal resolution.

Contact Tax Relief System’s Ohio office and request a free consultation. You are not alone.

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